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HotKeys is the Mac companion app for the HotKeys iOS iPad app. Together with the iOS app, you can send shortcut key commands through to your mac. It's a pain having to remember shortcuts in an app, so we've made an app where you can simply assign a

Edge Insets helps you generate the correct coordinates for use with iOS UIEdgeInsets. Simply load an image into the app and move the drag bars until your image scales correctly. The code is generated for you to use directly in your iOS app Video: h

How many trains can you keep running at the same time? Trains will move around the track, change the junctions on the track to alter each trains path, the aim is to stop the trains from crashing into each other, it’s annoyingly addictive. Two

Welcome to the new Frontier Guide your wagons, cowboys and damsels in distress to their settlements, but watch out! Indians roam the plain and often ambush unsuspecting pilgrims. Select and drag a path for cowboys to go to their ranches, wagons to

Psd Localizer This app can make new Localized PSD files from a source PSD file by reading associated string files. Example: A Company wants to launch a product in England & Japan, a poster needs to be made and translated. The designer creates a f

You're the moon Move the moon with your mouse, this will cause tidal effects on the Earth, use these tides to move the boats to their destinations.