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Mystical Island lost far away in Southern seas is full of mysteries and riddles. Its inhabitants hold the secrets of past centuries. With no recollection of his past, the main character, Rick, comes to his senses on the deserted coast after incredibl

Thanks to our funs we have more than 2 MILLIONS downloads! Keep in touch and we will present you more fun levels and game modes! New version is already waiting for you! In Goldman you have to control the miner who has only one thing in his life - go

-9 unique planets and 9 enemies! -Discover super abilities: energy shields, lasers, change your ship and meteor size! -Open Survival mode after finishing Tournament mode! -Beat the highest score and become the winner!

Galaxy Battles is the one of that apps you've never seen before! No wooden decks, no checkers, no BOOOORING AI - that's all gone! Set a battle with UP TO 6 YOUR FRIENDS! Way to prove your brain is the sharpest one! Free-for-all matches, team compet

Jewelweed ordinary - an annual plant in height of 30-120 sm, with strongly branchy root and the upright naked juicy appearing through stalk which is getting fat in joints... It would be desirable simple and fascinating game? Press pods that they ha