Applications by GGM41

Battery Logger

19 hours ago

An application to count battery usage. Application will start count whenever power cable was disconnected from notebook, and will reset the count whenever the power is connected. Application will ignore the count during sleeping, or powered off, bu


Cloud Spy Svr

21 days ago

Use your iPhone, iPad, or other Mac as surveillance camera from your Mac. Using "Cloud Spy" on your Mac, you can easily access your iPhone, iPad, or other Mac Camera, capture it, download video over internet and display it in your Mac. Detect the m

Application to calculate the time you spend during use Mac OSX applications. Use this app to find out how productive you are in front of the computer. If you are a programmer, then the time that you spend using XCode will certainly more than the ga

A new way for OSX desktop to communicate with iPhone or iPad app. * Need to download IOS client app with the same name to optimize the app usage. * Whenever you copy text or image from any application on OSX Desktop, the text or image will be send an

DeployIt! - Drag and Drop your *.app or *.ipa file to DeployIT! Window, and all iphone or ipad in local network will be able to install the app (as long as the phone id is registered in provision profile). - Drag and drop "bin" folder from Eclipse

Have you ever try to search a document in your computer but you forget the file name, and the only thing you remember is that’s document contain text of your ID number. The worst is that computer is thousand miles away and u need that document