Applications by Franck-Mereo

MyLittleFTP allows you to connect to an FTP server, upload a file, retrieve a file, delete a file create a folder and delete a folder on the FTP server in a very simple job. A bookmark system allows you to record (in encrypted) FTP servers that you u

Burn your files onto CDs and DVDs has never been easier! Drag a folder on the window MyCDBurner (make sure the item is well on the support to burn) and just press the "Burn" button. After a few minutes your CD / DVD is ready! You can burn several tim

MyDownloader vous permet de télécharger directement à partir d'une simple adresse URL où vous désirez sur votre ordinateur. MyDownloader ne permet pas de télécharger des vidéos directement depui

NameCLeaner allows you to clean (in a very simple interface) it very quickly the names of folders / files with specials characters (eg replace all spaces with underscores or all "é" by "e"). In addition you can choose your own wildcard.

HideMyDesktop up a window of the color of your choice (or with an image of your choice) on top of your desktop allowing you to have a clean work space is free of any visual disturbance. French version.

Clear instantly (drag your item on the icon in the Dock) a folder / file without having to empty your Trash and whatever the volume location of the item to remove. EraseNow also gives you information on the contents of your Trash (number of elements

AutoSync lets you synchronize a folder on another drive, (even if it is networked) so that you have all the time a perfect clone of the original folder. If an item has to be changed in the original folder, it will (depending on the time interval that

You have a scanned text and you want to edit the text without having to retype it? MyLittleOCR is for you! You can use its recognition engine available in 3 languages ​​(English, French and German), and edit the recognized text (corrector

You have created poster (Ad) and you want to see scenario? CyberAd allows you to see your poster in various formats and allows you suddenly imagine what it could give a different format ... The different formats are: displays 4x3 displays Abribus dis

Want to make fun subtractions? ClassRoomPlus was created to help children who have a little trouble with the subtractions (CE1/CE2 french level). Subtractions are available in 3 levels (raised subtractions, subtractions online subtractions in line wi

Export the entire's folder list to a file text (for example) easily. Version 1.1 bugs fixed. French Version only.

Garder toujours un oeil sur vos postes distants ! PingResponder envoie à intervalles réguliers (choisis par vos soins) une requête ping sur une machine se trouvant sur votre réseau ou à l'extérieur de ce derni

ToolsXSynchronizer allows you to synchronize two files in order to have identical content (clone mode) or just to duplicate the data found in the original folder to the destination folder (backup mode). You can schedule synchronization at regular int

Convert video in various formats (including iPhone) with a single click. You can also easily extract the soundtrack of a movie, create a picture in a breakpoint specific or pure merge two movies into one.

** App in French only ** Caltan allows you to automatically calculate royalties, types of votes (for, against, abstention) of those present or represented ... For items 24, 25, 25-1 and 26 property management under the French laws of July 10, 1965 (

WhatThisFile lets you know the type of file you drag over the window as well as some specific characteristics (size for an image, a video encoding, etc..) And displays a link to the software used to read the file. Localization : English only

Want to make fun additions? ClassRoomPlus was created to help children who have a little trouble with the additions (CE1/CE2 level). Additions are available in 3 levels (raised additions, additions online additions in line with holes) each with 2 deg

DataGuard allows you to create a password-protected and encrypted using AES128 bit or AES 256 key bits. Simply create a safe using the wizard and then use your secure space in the Finder as a disk drive. To prevent others from accessing your files, s