Applications by Foil-Graphics-More

Display an image show with a feature that no almost other software has- the ability to update the slideshow images as it's running! When new images are put into the folder, the slideshow will automatically register the new images and show the new one

You MUST own Adobe InDesign in order to use this application. Without InDesign, you won't be able to do anything with this app. This application will create pages in InDesign with frames and titles of all the images in a folder. Once you select a fol

You must own a copy of InDesign (CS5, 5.5, 6, or CC) to use this application. Have you ever wanted a really compact font sample for your collection of fonts? Tired of wading through hundreds of pages of samples generated by programs that can't group

Classic Find is inspired by the Find File utility seen in Mac OS 8 through OS X 10.3. It features a list of all attached drives/volumes where to search upon. You can choose to search one, all, or only a select few drives. This is useful for cutting y

Desktop Blurrifier exists for one reason: to make your desktop pictures blurry so you can see your icons easier! And it keeps you focussed on work with less "desktop distraction". Everyone keeps a bunch of icons on their desktop, and it’s a lot