Applications by FelixDev

Battery Guru is a helpful bar app that resides in the menu bar and displays time remaining & advanced information about the current state of your battery. This allows you to get more life out of it per session. When you are using your battery have y

Note: Although the app store version is limited, the website version is fully functioning and also capable of scanning internal disks. If you purchase the App Store version, the website version will be automatically registered as soon as you download

Backup Guru LE provides backup and sync of folders. The App Store version is limited to backup and sync of files which you own (not system files). The website version provides bootable clones and reliable synchronized backups of user-owned and system

FileAngel Lite is the easiest to use Mac Data Recovery Software available. It can undelete files from any kind of media that you can connect to your Mac, from phones to cameras to hard drives. It's fully functional on internal & external drives, and

To see an example of it being applied to a video click on "FelixDev Web Site" on the on the sidebar to the right of this page. Style takes regular photos or videos and uses artificial intelligence to transform them into works of art. This differenti

Photo Recovery Guru is a tool that allows you to recover deleted and lost photos and movies from your digital camera, mobile phone, disk, and most other devices. It works to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, memory cards that have b

If you care about your *privacy* then that is what we are here for. SpeedDisk will go through your disk and clean up artifacts that you would rather were not present. Did you know that a list of every file you've ever downloaded from any application

If you're curious about who might be using your computer while you're away, or if you just want to make a collection of selfies each time you wake up your computer that will build up over the years, then Snoop Catcher will help you out. The Mac App

FileExtractor is a powerful utility that will scan your selected files or folders and extract the individual files, text, and other data contained in them. It is useful for extracting wanted files out of other files in a variety of circumstances. Fo