Applications by Farid-Ahmad

The classic game of Snake - eat the targets & grow, but don't run into anything ! A great way to relax and tune-out from your day for a quick break. Boards - Classic board where snake wraps-around, Walls, Broken Wall, Spiral, and more Speeds -

Life Sim

17 days ago

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Conway demonstrated how simple rules could help to create symmetrical, beautiful, and unexpected patterns from complete chaos. Please remember: This is a simulation - it is not a game as such, though you


8 days ago

- Unlimited Sudoku puzzles ! - 5 levels from super easy to very hard - Multiple Skins - Pencil Marks support - Undo / redo - Easy play: On-screen number pad, OR use number keys (spacebar to erase)

Simple Brickout

2 days ago

A simple Brickout game. Just jump right in and play it like old times. Hit the bricks but don't drop the ball. Powerups - Fireball, MultiBall, Sticky Paddle and more Many Boards - with more being added Many backgrounds - black, white, wooden, m


22 days ago

Play a game of Tic Tac Toe against your Mac - or with a friend