Applications by Farid-Ahmad

The classic game of Snake - eat the targets & grow, but don't run into anything ! A great way to relax and tune-out from your day for a quick break. Boards - Classic board where snake wraps-around, Walls, Broken Wall, Spiral, and more Speeds -

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Conway demonstrated how simple rules could help to create symmetrical, beautiful, and unexpected patterns from complete chaos. Please remember: This is a simulation - it is not a game as such, though you

- Unlimited Sudoku puzzles ! - 5 levels from super easy to very hard - Multiple Skins - Pencil Marks support - Undo / redo - Easy play: On-screen number pad, OR use number keys (spacebar to erase)

A simple Brickout game. Just jump right in and play it like old times. Hit the bricks but don't drop the ball. Powerups - Fireball, MultiBall, Sticky Paddle and more Many Boards - with more being added Many backgrounds - black, white, wooden, m

Play a game of Tic Tac Toe against your Mac - or with a friend