Applications by FBeasleySoftware

Easy Translate is the FASTEST and EASIEST translator app to use. Re-designed and re-built from the ground up, it's now faster, easier and text can be copied in and out easily. Just type in the text you want to translate, and it will automatically

ScreenGrab 2 is finally here! A fully revamped UI and a new way of recording the screen. Now with the new Screenshot system, it is faster, easier and more streamlined to work with your needs! 'I decided to buy this instead of Screenflow, and I h

Launch App is the easiest and fastest app screenshot deployment tool for making your iOS app screenshots look and say what you want them to. Designed to make your apps on the Appstore look better and appeal more to your potential customers! Choose

This is the BEST app for making sure you have your coffee breaks and don't miss them! Not only is it fully configurable for duration of breaks and length until next break. It can be removed from the notification center, which it will then use it's

Want to hide your desktop from prying eyes? Checking the internet at work and shouldn't be? Quickly hide the browser behind the image or backdrop you choose. Thinking of sharing your desktop with someone for technical help but don't want to show th

Localize Apps Now localizes your iOS, macOS and tvOS apps straight out of the box. Save yourself time and money with using us for localizing your app, get the best out of your markets in other languages! Just drag the .strings file into the app an

********* Supports new iOS 9 icons and iPad Pro ********* Icon Creator allows you to create icns files (OSX) or iOS icons in seconds. Take the pain out of looking up what size icons you need, or having to open and resize the image yourself! Easy a