Applications by Exact-REAL

Do you have a problem in opening RAR files in your MAC? Try RAR Extractor! RAR Extractor is an advanced software that deals with RAR file. Functions: 1 You can drag and drop a rar file into the app's window and choose the destination folder where

Screen Recorder is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard MOV video files. Here are just a few ways you can use this software: You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software prog

Video Joiner is a useful tool that can join several videos with different formats into one video file.It's powerful and easy to use,work fast and keep the quality of video,supports video formats including:MOV,RM,RMVB,WMV,AVI,MPEG(MPEG1 and MPEG2),MP4

Video Splitter is an useful tool which help you splits, cuts or trims a large video file into smaller video clips. Many video formats are supported,including avi,mpeg,mov and mp4 etc. you can specify the start and end time or the equal pieces' size o

Audio Joiner is a useful audio tool which allows you to join multiple audio files with different formats into a single one,fast and easy,with a high quality results.This app supports a wide range of audio formats both for input and output (including

Camera Raw is an powerful tool that make users can process and convert camera raw images into normal images. We support a large range of raw images such as crw, cr2, nef, raf, dng, mos, kdc, dcr etc. -----------------------------------------------

This app is advanced software that assistant you to control your computer. It makes you can shutdown, restart, sleep your computer on time. So you don’t need to worry when you need to go to bed but your computer still work to download something

Spanish Dictionary is a Spanish-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words, Spanish pronunciation, and memorizing words. When you are learning Spanish or learning English as a Spanish, communicating with Spanish or traveling in Spain o

German Dictionary Pro is a German-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words, Deutsch pronunciation, translating sentences and memorizing words. When you are learning Deutsch or learning English as German, communication with German or

Portuguese Dictionary is a Portuguese-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words, Portuguese pronunciation, translating sentences and memorizing words. When you are learning Portuguese or learning English as a Portuguese, communicating


High recognition rate Batch recognition Recognize up to 32 languages This app is a highly accurate and easy to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software OCR allows you to convert scanned PDF and images (png, tiff, jpg, bmp, pdf) into editab

*************************Join PDF documents easily!**************************** PDF Joiner is a useful tool that can join multiple pdf documents to create single joined document in just few mouse clicks and easy steps. -----------------------------

This is a really cool app that help you make ringtones for your phone. It support many formats including video and audio, and on the other hand it can output many audio format that will meet any require ringtones format for your phone. Special Featu

PDF OCR is a practical tool which can convert a PDF document into text fast and easily, then you can edit or use it. With PDF OCR, The conversion from PDF to text only needs several seconds, then you can edit the text with its build-in text editor w

Image Editor is a bitmap image-editing application that lets you retouch existing photos or create original graphics. Image Editor gives you the rich graphics toolset for digital photography and supplies of a professional graphic design studio. Addit

AVI Converter is the fast and easy-using converter tool.With lots of codec built in, it can convert AVI files to MOV,MPEG,MP4,ASF,FLV,SWF,RM,MP3,AIFF,FLAC format,besides,it also allows you to extract audio file AVI video and convert to AIFF,FLAC,MP3

French Dictionary Pro is a French-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words,French pronunciation and memorizing words.When you are learning French,communication with French or traveling in France, French Dictionary Pro can help you a

This app is an advanced picture edit app. It is very easy to use but own advanced functions. Double click on the image, you will open a panel to edit the image. Functions: 1 zoom in, zoom out, crop, rotating 2 save to different formats such as jp

Audio Converter ALL-IN-ONE is an all-in-one audio converter and extractor,allowing you to both convert between different format audio files and extract audio from video files to different formats.This app support many audio formats including MP3,MP2,

Turkish Dictionary is a Turkish-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words,Turkish pronunciation and memorizing words.When you are learning Turkish,communication with Turkish or traveling in Turkey, Turkish Dictionary can help you a lo

Photo Explorer is a powerful image viewer,browser and editor with rich features and friendly interface. It can help you organize and view photo more conveniently and effectively. Key features: -load or save photo with different formats such as png,

Can't open or play RMVB video in Mac or other device?Don't worry,RMVB Converter can help you. RMVB Converter is a useful and easy-to-use video tool that can help you to convert RealMedia (RMVB) file to other popular video formats(including MOV,AVI,

Greek Dictionary is a Greek-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words,Greek pronunciation and memorizing words.When you are learning Greek,communication with Greek or traveling in Greece, Greek Dictionary can help you a lot. Features

Audio Splitter is a safe and non-destructive audio tool to cut audio/video file into several smaller individual audio units.It can enable you to safely extract the best and desired parts out of an audio/video file by just selecting start and end time

Indonesian Dictionary is a Indonesian-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words,Indonesian pronunciation and memorizing words.When you are learning Indonesian,communication with Indonesian or traveling in Indonesia, Indonesian Diction

Video Sound Extractor is a tool to extract sound tracks from video files and save them as MP3,MP2,AIFF,AAC, WAV,FLAC,OGG,AC3,MMF,AU format. Supported video formats include MOV,AVI, MPEG, MP4, DV etc. It's a useful tool for people who collect music vi

PDF Images Extract is an easily tool to convert each page into an image. We are different from other software since we solve a very hard problem and can offer an extremely high quality image. Many apps can't offer you a high quality images from you

This app an profesional video converter and video editor software. It can convert many video formats to the formats you need. Especially for you mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android, Window mobile, Nokia etc. And you can edit your video in the proc

Batch Image Editor is a image batch toolset which supports advance image manipulation functions such as image resizing,rename,rotation,flip and the ability to save in different file formats. Now supports JPEG 2000, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF,PDF.

Romanian Dictionary is a Romanian-English dictionary with the functions of looking up words,Romanian pronunciation and memorizing words.When you are learning Romanian,communication with Romanian or traveling in Romania, Romanian Dictionary can help y