Applications by Everton-Postay-Cunha

Want to download subtitles automatically? Buy this app and get Subtitles Wizard Plus for free, which is an app for automatically downloading subtitles for movies and TV shows. This app is a timing and text editor for srt

Features: * Search for Big Files with size filter * Search for duplicated files with size filter Do you need some storage space? Is your disk keeping alert you that it's full? BFF will help you find big files from any folder! You may have a lo

Easy access to web ebuddy XMS in a tab! This is an unofficial product that is not supported by eBuddy. This app is a easy way to use, wich is free. You must have the ebuddy XMS in your iPhone and link the app to your Facebook pro

Open ANY website in a tab! WHAT IT DOES? + Works with any website, even with chat and music streaming. + Type an address and access the site anytime in a tab at the status menu. + Multiple Tabs WHAT IT DOESN'T DO? + It won't open links in a new win

Upload your iPhoto photos and videos to Flickr or YouTube with Vita! Keep a backup in the Cloud of all your iPhoto files! * FEATURES: - Synchronize iPhoto events uploading videos to YouTube and photos to Flickr. Each event becomes an Album or a Pla

A simple App to help you calculating the rule of 3!

Check out the FREE iPhone app! Search for Partybook. ****** See the hottest people from Facebook! You need a Facebook account to use this app. Party Book lets you see big profile photos from people who are attending to a chosen event. You can choo