Applications by Erica-Sadun

Move past colored dots to fully colored folders. Don't settle for tiny tag indicators. Get the full folder colors you're looking for. Drag and drop folders with folderol and instantly color-code your work and better organize your life. Folderol is

You've got art. Art Helper helps you transform it into development-ready assets. This app helps you build Xcasset elements for both icons and launch images. But wait, there's more! The built-in dropper utility enables you to perform common tasks lik

Quote formats found text to create beautiful cited annotations for blogging, tweeting, and presentations. Copy any text to your system pasteboard and launch. Quote takes care of the rest and even incorporates an optional source. Share your new text a

When it comes to colors and code generation, names matter. Don't settle for meaningless "color1" and "color2" variables. With Color App, your OS X and iOS categories play host to real names drawn from real colors. Imagine methods named for colors lik