Applications by Enrico-De-Michele

This game is based on source code of Gabriele Cirulli available on the web: Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number

WoozBar brings WhatsApp on your mac menu bar! WoozBar allows you to: - Chat with your friends WhatsApp comfortably from the menu bar - Display new messages badge number - Create groups - Download images and videos with drag&drop - Send pictures an

With "SearchInFiles" you can search a text string within a file showing the line number of the file where is located. The most useful function is the possibility to search across multiple files, folders or sub-folders showing the file and the line i

With HandleFiles you can manage your files easily and quickly. HandleFiles has been thought to be useful and practical. It will always be shown on the status bar and you can use it to: ▽ Cut and copy your files: ‣ on your desktop ‣

With "Cut with Drag & Drop" function you can "cut" by dragging and dropping your files/folders on the application icon. Operation is simple: - Drag the icon of your files/folders to be moved; - Then drag the destination folder. The application wor

- Do you use iCal to organize your appointments but you want to display it in the timeline form? - Would you like to know how much time is there until your next appointment? - Would you like to know how much time do you have between two appointments