Applications by Eery-Lab

Simple, engaging and fun bubble popping game for precious one. It’s ideal for a bored kid. Whether in long waiting line at the doctor's or on the car ride to grandparents, this app will keep your little one entertained.

Tiny Fellows, they are hungry! Quickly feed them whilst having fun and collecting all the golden stars! In the beginning it may be easy, they will eat everything and will like it. But beware! Sometimes you'll have to try a little harder. The Tiny Fe

Beautiful puzzle game for kids. If your children love wooden shape puzzle this is perfect game for them. Over seventy boards with progressing difficulty gives a lot of fun. The game is quite easy to pick up and easy to understand.

Welcome to the world of adorable little creatures called Woolies. "The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids" is a classic jigsaw puzzle for kids of all ages. A wide variety of characters, puzzle boards and various levels of difficulty will create an atmosphere,