Applications by EGO

Database 1.0 Description: This is a database tool,which support sqlite database. You can view and edit several sqlite database at the same time. You can create a new database also.

Challenge your intelligence, and test your reactions.This game will prove how clever you are! HOW-TO Play This Game: Please Drag all the graphics with different shapes into the blank square.Fill in it,and make up a square without any overlap. Th

This is the classic game "spider" for mac . Function: 1.This game has 3 leves(easy,normal,hard),Easy mode has one kind of color,Normal mode has two kinds of color,Hard mode has four kinds of color. 2.You can change the card's bg and the screen bg

Database description: use the newest database (2012-04) use sandbox for your safety. Function description: 1.Search by railway,Enter railway like this:T128 or 1273 by station name.Enter station name like this 北京(Beijing)&#