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Want to encrypt your PDF documents? PDF Encrypter is the thing you need. It is fast, easy-use and most handy. PDF Encrypter allows you to set User Password as well as Owner Password. Be sure that no stranger can get access to your PDF file. Besides,

This app is designed for English users. It can produce accurate text result by your scanned printed/handwritten image files. This app offers advanced functions but owns simple user interface. And we have spent many years on our OCR product, we believ

Batch Video Converter is a powerful batch video converter which can simultaneously convert a batch of different types of videos automatically. Batch Video Converter supports many popular video file formats including MOV,RM,AVI, MPEG, MP4,FLV, SWF,3GP

Photo Effect is useful tool for processing photos with the help of various filters.This app allows you to use more than 30 effects.With the Photo Effect,you can obtain many different effect on the photos and save them as different format which will p

PDF Compressor is fast,powerful PDF file compression tool that can help you to reduces the size of your large PDF documents. It offers a straightforward interface with only a few standard buttons for selecting,previewing and batch compressing PDF fil

Batch Rename is a file renaming tool that can help you to rename a large number of files in several simple steps.Basically,you select a group of files (a batch) and tell your computer to rename them sequentially using specified rules.The rules mainly

Do you still share your photos just as they are with your friends and family? The photos taken on a special occasion deserve to be treated special. Photo Movie is a useful tool that can turns your digital photos into special, heart-touching and dr

Photo Converter is photo utility to resize,rename and convert photos quickly.It also support batch conversion mode. It's so simple, just select your photo file or add photo folder, choose or enter the desired size,new name and output folder, click "

PostScript (PS) is a dynamically typed concatenative programming language created by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in 1982. It is best known for its use as a page description language in the electronic and desktop publishing areas. Adobe PostScrip

AVI Transcoder is a useful video converter tool that can transcode avi files to other video format such as MOV,MPEG,MP4,ASF,FLV,SWF,RM.It also support extract audio from avi file,and convert to MP3,AIFF,FLAC format. Features: 1.Support transcoding a