Applications by Dracoders

Feel the rush in pixel-art style fashion with Minicars Touch an exciting top-down racing game by Dracoders. Blaze on 15 different tracks against 6 competitors in this arcade racing game. Use every dirty trick in the book to your advantage such as sh


Bor’s Adventures features: + 48 levels (+ 13 secret levels!) + classic 16bit graphics + 5 different world themes + many power-ups + 22 kind of monsters Bor is a viking who has lost his 60 wives, help him to find them all! A lots of monsters w

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, an enchanting world existed that was full of beautiful, shiny, large and colorful gems that filled this land. The gems were very important and the lifeblood of the residents of this place, which happened to