Applications by Dominic-SellersBlais

Photographic Memory for All Your Mac Apps! Skim Clip is a unique new utility that combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with screen capture features to create a powerful and convenient new way of saving and organizing your information. Using

Focus your mind and take charge of your life! Oh Behave is the most advanced and versatile self-improvement visualization tool available, applying proven techniques to help you accomplish your intellectual and behavioral goals. Four visualization m

By applying recent neuroscience discoveries about how we read and understand visual information, Rabbit Word's unique large-scale chunking approach helps you to read concepts and ideas rather than words or letters. People see and p

From easy fun to mind-boggling challenge, you'll enjoy this enchanting game of 3D mazes! Follow the twists and turns as you explore the entertaining and challenging adventure of Dragons Den. Find your fortune on the trail of magical coins as you seek