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*** NEW VERSION! *** We're proud to announce the release of PeakHour 3! Redesigned for Yosemite, PeakHour contains a bunch of great new features including History, scrollable real-time view, easier setup and lots more. Visit or click

** IMPORTANT ** PeakHour 3 lets you visualise network traffic for compatible routers and network devices. We strongly recommend that you visit our web site for information about compatibility. Click the 'Digitician Web Site' link to the right or visi

ABOUT PEAKHOUR 4 PeakHour 4 is a beautiful, network bandwidth and network quality visualiser that lives in your Mac OS menu bar and provides instant and historical views of throughput and quality for your Internet, WiFi and other compatible devices.

PeakHour Compatibility Check tests the capabilities of your network devices to make sure they are capable of being monitored by PeakHour. This free tool steps you through configuration and checks that your network devices support monitoring by PeakH