Applications by Devulder-Software

Knife Swiss The ultimate tools ! Powerful functions : Calc hash of files. Convert value in different formats (bin,dec,hex,oct). Resize pictures in any size. Change image formats (bmp,jpeg,png,tiff). Display Xml file and show all nodes. Extrac

MyGameCollector manage your collection of games you can download game information online you can export datas or print App localized in english and french

CarManager manage all your car operations

Testez vos interfaces rapidement avec ScreenChanger ! Vous pouvez définir jusqu'à 8 raccourcis claviers associés chacun a une résolution d'écran spécifique. Gain de temps appréciable !

This application allows you to track your weight You can print result or graphic App are in English, other langues supported is French

Watch Folders allows you to track disk events in the directories you choose. You can print or save results to disk.

Manage your coins collection ! You can export or print yours datas. You can sell or buy coins. App localized in english and french

Generate full source code for cocoa controls for use with OSX Supports 30 controls (button,slider,tableview,view) You can save the result on disk, or on the clipboard