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Protect your privacy! Did you know most pictures taken with modern cameras and phones also include GPS information? This allows anyone who knows how to view EXIF metadata to accurately pin-point where you were when each picture was taken, and even k

••• DISCOUNTED DUE TO RELEASE OF DCOMMANDER 3 ••• DCommander is a two-pane file manager that gives you full control over your computer's filesystem. Optimized for quick access and user-friendliness, DCommander provide

DFind lets you perform advanced file and folder searches on your Mac. Need to find all files containing a certain text? Need to find files created in the last hour? Need to find large files that take up all your disk space? Only remember the partial

Why spend lots of time renaming files when you can simply buy Multi Rename Tool for a bargain price. Multi Rename Tool is a powerful batch renaming software. It provides many functionalities you need to quickly rename hundreds of local and remote fi

Are your backups synchronized? Use DSync. Use it for backups. Use it to organize your files. DSync allows you to easily compare and synchronize two folders on your computer. Three steps is all it takes for DSync to synchronize your files. Select t