Applications by Deng-Gao

SoundMate - The Soundcloud Mac App That Puts You In Control Global hotkey - you can easily toggle play/pause and switch to the next or previous track with Global hotkey even when it's running at background. Menu bar - you can control SoundCloud

PhotoStack - The most elegant way use Instagram on macOS MenuBar Panel PhotoStack is a new tool to help you to discover Instagram social media network. if you want to connect your instagram account from menubar on your mac , PhotoStack is your tool.

Douban FM Internet Radio is an free automated music recommendation service.AtPill is a douban fm desktop client.The sleek user interface is easy to use.To get it up and running, simply select a favorite channel and the app will create a list of simil

Eye-catching Pandora desktop client OneRing is a simple and elegant Mac OS X desktop client for the Pandora music streaming service.OneRing 2.0 is built for Pandora One User.It's sleek user interface is easy to use. OneRing provides all the Pandora

Need to view a winmail.dat file on your Mac ? Winmail Decoder Is The Best Winmail.dat Viewer for Mac Winmail Decoder is the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to extract, view, and save the contents of winmail.dat files. It's completely frustrat

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL OFFER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy the pleasure of discovery Find out what's new and what's hot. Discovery Sound from all over the world. REAL CONTENT Why listen to the same 12 songs on repeat, when you can hear to music, news, and

The Tencent Weibo Mac Desktop Client