Applications by Del-Sol-Software

Cocoa Color - CSS, Mac and iOS color and gradient app. For a video demo, please visit CocoaColor is a color finder for CSS, Mac, and iOS development. CocoaColor provides a much more robust interface fo

Simple CSS linear gradient editor. For a more robust CSS gradient editor with hex codes, please check out CocoaColor in the Mac App Store. CSS Gradient Editor: Add up to 5 color stops. Supports vertical and horizontal gradients.

Screencast demo at CSS Div Builder is not an HTML editor, but a utility app designed to quickly style beautiful CSS3 divs. As such, it does not include css filters for earlier IE browsers. Graphic

Blueprint CSS Grid and HTML Layout Builder. Watch a screencast demo at This app is a graphical frontend to the Blueprint CSS Framework at If you are not familiar or happy with

Screencast demo at Drop Shadow is a lightweight image utility to create borders and drop shadows for your images. Design your drop shadow including blur, offset and shadow color. Design your border

XGoldenSection is a graphical reference tool for the golden section. It shows the golden section between two points anywhere on the screen and over any graphics program you might be using. It is a simple reference tool for the golden section which