Applications by David-Keegan

Featured in Apps Enhanced for Mountain Lion! Play by Play is your courtside announcer for the popular design community Dribbble. The app gives you a play-by-play of all the action with customizable notifications. Browse shots by players you follow,

CopyPath is a simple app that helps in a big way, by taking the hassle out of copying file paths to the clipboard. CopyPath makes it easy to copy the full paths or file and directory names of the selected items, the frontmost Finder window, or the d

ShellTo opens Terminal, iTerm, or iTerm2 to the current directory in Finder. ShellTo is great for developers using Git, Mercurial, or doing any sort of development that requires running processes like Node.js, Ruby, or CoffeeScript. REVIEWS: a

PathBar modifies paths in your clipboard, making it easy to change them for any situation! PathBar is ideal for people who work in mixed environments of Macs and PCs. Never again will you struggle with opening a Windows formatted path :) PathBar al