Applications by Dave-Ellis

Enjoy Hours of fun with Kim’s Fruit Candy an amazing Puzzle Adventure! A great new style matching game with delicious fruit candy. Help Kim match the fruit candies to collect them, and string several in a row to create a big chain of combos. T

Bunny Bop Jump is a fun run and jump platform game! Guide Bunny Bop through the various worlds and levels, Watch out for the enemies that include slime, spiders, skeletons, mummies especially the pesky wasps and mosquitos that can be difficult to av

A great strategy game - Avoid the red squares whilst navigating the blue Hero around the board and survive as long as possible. Stay away from the red and yellow force fields, touching the red will end your life quickly whilst the yellow will give y

Guide Swooping Florence or her friends through the pipes collecting Pumpkins along the way. Tap-Tap the screen to make your character fly and be careful along the way seeing how far you get. There is a variety of backgrounds, characters to choose fr