Applications by Dariusz-Topolski

Simply drop a file into the app or start writing to obtain the hash. This app is great for check file integrity that downloaded from the internet. [NEW] Now you can get hash from your text! It’s easy, it’s fast and it works. You can d

Enjoy the best player and fastest native app for watching YouTube on Mac [New] Dark Theme; Trending; HD4320p (8K), HD2160p (4K), HD1440p, HD1080p and 60 FPS TubeG Pro is a completely NATIVE OS X app, not like the other - web browsers. Now you can m

TCleaner Pro is a practical utility program to process text. It converts copied text into plain text, remove hard returns, bullets, quotes, tabs, multiple spaces, fix wrong inserted returns, change case and more... All you need to do is select your

"I can work and my kid is watching cartoons" - Il007 Just click or drag & drop YouTube link and enjoy browser-free watching! Beautiful & clean window. Do you want to watch your favorite videos from YouTube (Twitch, Break, Facebook, Dailymotion, CNN

"This is a great application, very useful and the support is really incredible and fast." - HSPA Tool for eliminating all text formatting issues. Usable text in standard copy-paste, save your precious time in your workday TCleaner Pro is a practi

Now you can put plain text in your letters and documents using the copy/paste functions, without having to clean it up manually. Change wrong inserted returns, delete multiple spaces, sort, change case, remove bullets and more... TCleaner is a pract