Applications by Daniel-Hasbun

Want to be a dentist? Now its your time to do dentist surgery using tools and more! Get the right tools from your inventory toolbox and start fixing mouth teeth from different patients. If you want to play as a dentist, then this is a must have ga

JUMP, SWING, RUN AND FLY ON THE BIGGEST TOWN ON EARTH! Its time to do some base missions, getting one place to another will require you to use special power ups, including fly suit and spider web suit and more. Use stickman like classic platform ga

Want to own your own photo, video and movie editing studio? Start your own studio business and start earning money, extend your business and buy more studios to earn better earnings. The more expensive the studio, the better pay out you are going t

PLAY ON A REAL PUZZLE ADVENTURE 3D WORLD! FROM THE CREATOR OF DANNY QUEST! Play a 3d puzzle adventure game through pipes, solve a way to go to the other side of the wall and ESCAPE one part of the puzzle world. As the story continues from the origin

Explore a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and full of sequence. Use all your skills and fight back your well know enemy. Rescue the princess from a quest that you will never forget! To go throw that you will have to go through tornadoes, spin