Applications by DARIO-CARDOSO

CBDIPCamView allows your Mac to access your IP camera on a small screen Visit the demonstration video on youtube more features in this video

Tradicional jogo brasileiro de baralho chamado truco. Truco ponta acima. Interage com o jogador apresentando mensagens na tela e pontuando por mensagens de voz.

Control schedule of customers and suppliers.

Traditional memory game. Levels easy medium and hard.

Control spending. Controls customers, suppliers, accounts payable, accounts receivable. It issues various reports. It issues various graphics.

Pre dated checks Control lets you control your Mac all the checks you send or receive. It has a report that allows ample filter.

This application manages your personal life or your small business It allows you to control customers, suppliers, cash receipts, cash payment Issues periodic reports of payments and receipts Periodic charts issues of payments and receipts

Control bank releases. It allows you to launch pre dated checks. It allows you to launch credits into account. Displays the balance position. Control accounts holder.