Applications by CutieApps

CutieMelody is a simple and beautiful version of a real children's glockenspiel. Realistic sounds and responsive playing and sliding make it a real joy to just toy around freely or perform favorite melodies. Animated bars and note letters provide fe

CutieMatch is a fun and educational matching game for kids. It features eight different sets of cards to train your memory with, including cute animals, fun objects, lovely letters and delightful numbers! More sets can be purchased through the app.

CutieMonsters is an entertaining mix and match game that lets children young and old combine heads, bodies, feet and backgrounds to create beautiful monsters, aliens and fantastic creatures. Parts can be changed individually or combined randomly usi

CutieNumbers is a colorful and fun math training application for kids. Kids can practice their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without time pressure or penalties for wrong answers. All operations can be combined freely a

CutiePuzzle is an entertaining and educational slide puzzle game for children. Pictures of beautifully drawn, active kids are shuffled randomly each time and the puzzle can be solved in three difficulties by sliding all the parts back into their ori