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[Grand Update] Prevent Stale Your Mac OS and Update the whole UI, make it more clean and clear; FreeCell is a solitaire-based card game played with a 52-card standard deck. It is fundamentally different from most solitaire games in that nearly all

[Grand Update, Must Download] 1) Save game data so you can continue game now; 2) show high score when game ends; Lucky Stars now is available on Mac App Store! To embrace your dreams, to pop all Lucky Stars in the night sky! Once you start, you can

no-limit Texas Hold'em, you can win unlimited chips ever dreamed! Whether you are Tight or Loose, Aggressive or Passive! Daily login to get *FREE* bonus chips! [WARN] Quit the game to Menu Scene will lose all bet chips in the current round! Texas ho

Black Jack - Daily 21 points, supports Insurance, "Straight Flush" and "Five Dragon" inside. Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world.[1] Blackjack is a comparing card game between a player and

The most popular star crush games now have its version 2! So fantastic new features supported, you must download it now! 1) Classical play rules, and now has three different modes! Classic, Timed, or Stepped, There must be one for your favor! 2) Two

[Free] New Release, Free for 10 days! Download it right now! The only Game Hall for Gomoku on App Store ! Also the most powerful gomoku on App Store! Support Online challenge with other players. $$$ Online battle vs. Mode - Seamless integration wi

BattleShip is online for Mac App Store, FREE for one WEEK! Welcome to download and spread! Do you still remember the secret you drew on paper yesterday? Do you still miss the battleship you played with your mate a lot? Battleship, a game you can pl

Play with your friends on online chess game; Practise and upgrade your levels for Offline mode. Practice more and supprise your friends later on Online Ches! All UI are very simple, so you can focus on Chess itself. Hope you like it and enjoy it ev

[Grand Update] You must download this version of Tank 90 or you will miss the marvellous joys here: 1) the long-time expected WiFi battle vs friends is available now. Connect you to all Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iMac, MacBook,

An Addictive Image Matching Game - Match 2 Images In No More Than 3 Lines. This is an update to the very classical common good old game, and it will also bring you a totally different and whole brand-new experience! You will be lost in this game! T

Make Your Thumbs Thrill! Knock down Doodle Jump, Kick over Piano Tiles! The most fun brain game in history, simple taps to jump, but hard to reach the ideal goals, each time you will end in regret! Jump up step by step, left or right? Step carefull

This is a Mahjongg between one player and one computer, using Taiwan mahjongg's rule, with 16 tiles. It has a girl's sounds, and the musics are very attractive and you will be lost in it:-) It is just good enough to play, but be careful to choose t

Ludo Online, The most excellent ludo on App store! With four cute themes, and all themes are free! Turn your Mac computer into a ludo board, - Play ludo with your friends on Online Game Hall; Match with 2 or 3 or 4 players, Start from Dice 5 poi

Chinese Checkers is available for Mac App Store, *FREE* for one Week! You are welcome to download and spread! [Grand Update, Must Download!] or you will miss the new features here: Optimize the 5 jumper AIs; Add Onine Game Hall, you ca

Spot the differents, selected pictures to assure the quality and enjoyness when you spend the leisure time. 💗 Touch the spot of the difference on pictures. Without any tips, you can capture the red hearts, one for one picture in one mode! Co

This is a software for chinese chess(i.e. xiangqi) level benchmarks on Mac. If you pass all levels, your chess level will be similar to professional level 2. Chess requires the simplicity. the UI is simple to help you concentrate on playing chess.

The most popular Fruit Link Go game in App Store, it is played(including the flash versions) for over 100 million times world wide. And now available in Mac App Store! Compared to previous versions, it adds continuous hits and auto refresh! Fruit Li

We can not only cut the fruit, but also dart the fruit! If you love Fruit Ninja, you will love Fruit Dart! Now we have Fruit Dart for Mac version! A very good dart game to cut all fruits. The disk will rotate faster and faster. And take care, don't

The special love is for special you, the special edition is for the players who specially love Lucky Stars! The most popular star crush games now have its special edition! So fantastic new features supported, you must download it now! 0) hexagonal

Classical stories from Grimm's Fairy Tales, all fantastic pictures to find out the hidden objects. The operations are very easy, just swipe from left to right to toggle the panel up or down, just tap the objects to find them out. Hope this game wil

At the requests from players, to add multiplayer mode for family and friends to play it on the same iPad/iPhone devices! *** Ludo Online, The most grand ludo on App store! *** *** With four cute themes, and all themes are free! *** *** Add magic d

Punch the Rats: It is a Spring now, Farmers are preparing their seeds and working for the next harvest season. And it is also the season the rats are activated to hunt for food. They dig holes, and find everyting they can to feed themselves. Farmer

免费升级/80分/拖拉机游戏! 升级是一种流行于中国和海外华人社区的纸