Applications by Cristian-Barlutiu

Announcement! If you notice some lags or random freezes please visit our website for more information on the matter. Stacks is an easy to use task manager that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Using kanban paradigm for

Ever needed to secure your files in a fast and simple way ? Then look no further because Safe is the ultimate encryption app that you'll ever need. You just have to drop some files or folders on the icon and that's it ! An encrypted version of your

Source is a powerful Code Snippet Manager that stores the most valuable pieces of code you can reuse in different projects many times. Source uses syntax highlighting for over 110 languages (for a full list see below). Snippet Manager Features: - Ov

Nimbus is a file sharing app for the Mac. Nimbus makes sharing images, videos, music, documents, screenshots and screen recordings as simple as drag and drop over the menubar or the Nimbus window. A link will be automatically generated and copied to