Applications by Conceited-Software

*** Over 100,000 music lovers have downloaded Tracks on the Mac App Store. Want to get to your music fast? Download Tracks today! *** Tracks lets you play your music library and browse the iTunes Music Store right from your menubar, without interrup

Linkinus 2 provides a rich, social IRC experience; featuring detaching, embedded media, short URL expansion, message starring, combined chats, emoticons, and much more! - Linkinus Core: core improvements. Linkinus 2 is up to 10 times faster than the

Clips is a time machine for your clipboard - it remembers everything you copy/paste so you never lose a thing! - Unintrusive system clipboard monitoring When Clips is running you won't even notice it. Its advanced architecture allows it to sit in t

HealthNut is your diet and fitness companion and can track calories for you. - Live Search with Fuzzy Logic HealthNut comes with thousands of built-in food items (it uses the official USDA SR23 food database which contains close to 8,000 food items

*** Plan your next trip with Bellhop! *** Bellhop finds, books and manages your hotel bookings easily… All from your Mac! Bellhop brings you the best hotel rates you can find anywhere. - Intuitive Flow Finding and booking the best hotel is no

Todoozle is a simple, unobtrusive task manager that stays out of your way, but helps you get on with your day. Only have a second to jot down a quick reminder? Have no time, nor desire to micro-manage your tasks list? Want the flexibility of groupi

Which app is hogging your bandwidth? Which Mac is saturating your network? Rubbernet reveals per-app bandwidth usage and keeps an eye on all network-enabled apps running on your Mac. You can install the daemon on any Mac you'd like to monitor and e