Applications by Compumaster-Ltd

FontPreview allows you to quickly compare fonts installed on your system. It uses a multi-column list interface where each list contains font previews. This allows you to scroll though each list and quickly compare different fonts side-by-side. Key

Experience the most realistic pool game simulator. Whether a beginner or a pro this game will keep you occupied for hours on end. MAIN FEATURES - Five pool games implemented according to the official rulebooks (8-ball, 8-Ball UK, 9-Ball, 14.1 Cont

VintageHero is a new hugely addicting game. Prevent the conquest of your continent by fighting foreign settlers! Fire your arrows at them and use special bonus items to destroy them in thrilling battles! You have to be quick and accurate to succeed

★★★ Furry freak - a freak you can't live without! ★★★ Furry freak is a highly addictive action game with a unique feature - TIME REWIND! This adrenalin-packed game pushes your limits of survival. Jump over deadly