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4 days ago

Ever needed to convert Multipage TIFF files to PDF or JPG and PNG Files to PDF or JPG? If so, CM TIFF 2 PDF is for you. As the same suggests, CM TIFF 2 PDF ease the job of creating PDF files by automating the entire process of combining Multipage T

Have you been in a situation when you replaced the camera batteries and forgot to change the camera clock to the current date and time or set the wrong date or time like when you wanted to take photos in the new year and set it to the year before ? H


CM Sort List NX allows you to sort text list in either Ascending or Descending Order. There is no longer any need to start up your spreadsheet app just to sort a list. CM Sort List NX's secret weapon is that it is able to detect numbers from text a

Giving Thanks is Free! We hope that this would be a blessing to you. There are times in our lives when we think that God isn’t there, too busy to answer our prayers or simply doesn’t care. He has his ways and time to reveal his better pl

* Please refer to the Help Manual under Help to understand how to use the application and if you do encounter any issues or require assistance, please feel free to email us at [email protected] . We are here to help * Have you ever found a g

CM Shrink My Photo is a simple-to-use application which helps you reduce the dimensions of your photos and thus saving precious disk space. It allows you to determine if you want to Resize by Pixel, Resize by Percentage or by the preset ratios. You

CM Batch Photo Processor helps you in performing the mundane and tiresome task of having to batch resize and rename all your photos while giving you back the time to doing what you enjoy doing. It does :- * Batch Resizing (Downsizing and Upsizing)


4 days ago

CM ComboTIFF allows you to - Create Multi-Page TIFF by Combining TIFF, JPG and PNG Images together - Extract Multi-Page TIFF into Single Page TIFF, JPG or PNG Images. - Resize Images by Ratio, Percentage or Pixels - Supports TIFF Compression - JP

The core goal of Memory Pictures is to allow to keep your memories alive by assisting you in embedding the location and journal entries within the photo header. We all take photos with our digital cameras and smartphones and it certainly is a great w

Magic Sort List

30 days ago

Do You have lists which are unsorted and do not have a spreadsheet ready to sort it ? Don't despair, Magic Sort List is here to the rescue. Magic Sort List comes with our revolutionary sorting engine which we have perfected and further refined and u


2 days ago

CM PDF Merge NX is a New Generation Fast Easy to Use Application which helps you merge two or more PDF files together. It also allows you to rearrange the pages within the pdf file. Extract pages from one or more PDF files and create a brand new PDF

CM JPEG Date Changer Lite let's you visually change the Date and/or Time of your photos visually so you do not need to use the command line to do so. It is quick and easy to change not just change the File Creation and the File Modification Dates b

CM Text Cabinet

3 days ago

CM Text Cabinet started as a small app which allows you to store all your collection of text notes into one central location instead of having multiple stickies all around. It can be used to store important information, shopping list, programming cod

CM Batch JPEG Rotator employs the Lossless Rotation Algorithm which means that when you have your portrait photos rotated to the right angle, you will be assured that they are as beautiful as you took them. Reading the EXIF details added by your came

CM TIFF Viewer

5 days ago

CM TIFF Viewer is a TIFF File Graphical Viewer. It employs the same TIFF rendering engine as our ComboTIFF, CM TIFF 2 PDF, Batch TIFF & PDF Converter and CM PDF & TIFF Page Extractor applications. TIFF Documents are container files which can suppor

Batch TIFF & PDF Converter is an All-In-One Toolkit made to handle all your TIFF and PDF needs. It has both TIFF and PDF multi-page support, it is increasingly use to store scanned documents such as architecture plans, contracts, invoices and the lik

CM PDF & TIFF Page Extractor is an efficient tool to help you * Load TIFF and PDF files from a single folder or from Folders and Sub folders * Extract a Page or Pages from a PDF or Multi-Page TIFF File * Extract Text from a PDF file. Currently, thi

Memory Pictures Viewer is a FREE JPEG GPS Viewer which works in conjunction with our Memory Pictures app available here at the App Store. Memory Pictures Viewer will work with any JPEG photos which comes embedded with the GPS Coordinates and/or the