Applications by Codelle

SignalSpy is a suite of powerful tools that let you analyze audio signals. Included are an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, level indicator and spectrogram. All tools are built for extreme accuracy and thus can be used in studio applications. Man

The most accurate chromatic tuning app you'll ever find! The carefully crafted algorithms even work well when the sound isn't very loud. Features: * Sits in the menu bar for easy access * Adjustable concert pitch setting. * Customizable noise ga

ChordFinder is the most comprehensive chord dictionary you will ever encounter. Whether you are looking for a simple major chord or a very complex altered dominant jazz chord, ChordFinder knows them all. Features: - Contains information about 90 di

With Fretboard Trainer you can do exercises that help you memorise all the notes on the fretboard using your favourite tuning. Two different types of exercises are provided: you can learn to identify positions on the fretboard and to find notes on th

Engage your audience with SocialScreen, a real-time social media display for Twitter and Facebook. Build brand awareness by showing messages about your event or business and inform viewers by adding custom videos and images. Features: - Real-time s

MidiSpy is a MIDI input logging utility. It enables you to capture all incoming MIDI events so that you can discover how your MIDI device is communicating. You can also use it to view the contents of SysEx messages. This utility can be used by music