Applications by CluBees-Tech


9 days ago

PicFocus is a tool to give highlight and focus to your images by blurring or editing the background of your image. With PicFocus you can easily apply our great filter effects to the selected area or the background. Some of the features of PicFocus

Image Enhance Pro is a tool to produce HDR image with extended range of dynamic lighting and detail. Our advance HDR algorithm will take a single picture as an input and provide it amazing HDR look by enhancing color and details. Other than HDR look

SketchnCartoonize is the best app to give your photo Cartoonize & Sketch look. This application use complex algorithm to achieve REALISTIC and NEAR PERFECTION Cartoon look. Features:- - Our app is SUPER FAST, LIGHT WEIGHT and SIMPLEST to use! - Turn

Touch Blur is a tool to blur selective area of your image with our simple user interface and edge preserving algorithm to get realistic output. Some of the features of Touch Blur - - User have full control to select the area in the image to blur. -