Applications by CloudMakers-s-r-o

FITS Preview is a lightweight and fast viewer for images in FITS format (Flexible Image Transport System) introduced by NASA and HEASARC. The viewer is based on CFITSIO library and supports all standard monochromatic and color FITS image formats. It

AstroDSLR is an application similar to AstroImager, an easy to use tool for astrophotography, but intended for use with DSLR cameras. AstroDSLR controls ISO, aperture (if lens mounted), shutter speed, exposure compensation, metering and focusing mod

AstroImager is a powerful, but easy to use image capture application for the astrophotography. In this version the built-in drivers support the following hardware: - ATIK Titan Mono & Colour - ATIK 3xx/4xx family CCDs - ATIK 11000/4000 - ATIK One 6

AstroGuider is a simple to use guiding application for your guider camera and telescope mount. It can be calibrated semi-automatically or manually, you do not need to take care about camera orientation or pixel scale. The built-in drivers support th

AstroTelescope is a simple planetarium application for the astrophotography. The star map can be displayed in any scale and rotated by any angle, with selectable star density and with or without star names. Hipparcos Catalogue and selected NGC and I

INDI Control Panel is a part of a suite of software for astronomy and astrophotography built around INDI standard. It is a generic client for a local or remote INDI server. It can be used to read or set any of the device driver properties and to down