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Sudoku and Crossword puzzles meet in this fresh, new game for Mac. As in other number crossword puzzle games, you will be given a list of numbers (1- to 5-digits each) and challenged to insert them all into a grid. Unlike other number crosswords, t

Try a new twist on crossword puzzles, in which clues and words are replaced by random lists of letters. Deprived of clues of where words appear in the puzzle, you are forced to use pure logic to determine how the random letter strings fit into the p

Welcome to Number Fill, puzzle fans, where you can play classic number fill-in puzzles on your Mac! There are 8 puzzle sizes for you to choose, ranging rom tiny 6x6 puzzles to huge 16x16 puzzles. And if you get bored with numbers, try the chromo-st

Build your own sudoku puzzle right on your Mac. Insert your hints and allow the app to help you put the puzzle together. When you're finished, share the resulting puzzle with your friends - they'll be pleasantly surprised! This is a premium version