Applications by ClearAndDark

SatTrackerBasic is designed for real-world prediction of satellite ground tracks. It is highly accurate and, with fresh sets of orbital elements downloaded from within the application, it will keep that accuracy indefinitely. It provides ground track

PyxisControl is an astronomy utility which can control Optec's Pyxis 2" and 3" Field Rotators. Additionally it can link to Software Bisque's TheSkyX Pro to control the orientation (Position Angle) of a selected Field of View Indicator (FOVI). These w

CloudWatcher is an astronomy utility which enables Mac-based astronomers to use a hardware device to monitor relevant weather conditions, such as cloudiness and rainfall. The device is able, in combination with the CloudWatcher software, to activate

Collimating an astronomical telescope usually includes a step where an image of a star is viewed, or imaged by a camera, out of focus. Adjustments are made to the optical elements by adjusting screws, typically 3 of them, to bring various parts of th