Applications by Christian-Mzes

PasswordTool is a simple application that quickly and easily generates random passwords. Also you can doubleclick a password to show the MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 hashes.

This very simple application was developed while teaching my son programming. Two players can play the game Tic Tac Toe against each other. Also one player can play the game against the computer.

With Simple Pyramids kids can practice addition and subtraction. Each brick's number is the sum of the two numbers under it. Place the missing numbers into the empty bricks. By pressing the „Check“-button the application tells you if th

With „Simple Grids“ kids and adults can practice mental arithmetics (addition, multiplication) in the range from 0 to 900. When solving tasks with higher difficulty settings they also can improve their subtraktion and division skills.

With NP Worksheets you can simply and quickly create math worksheets for elementary school children. Create, save and print worksheets by choosing from a variety of types of elementary mathematical problems (additions, chains, circles, divisions, gr

Simple Arithmetics is a small app which can help you practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems in the range from 0 to 400. „Simple Arithmetics“ generates equations where one or two operators are missing. Enter t