Applications by Chris-Vallis

Don't forget to lock your screen again. Be secure at home and at work. The application will lock your screen when you walk away while carrying an associated bluetooth device. Notes: Pair with device prior to launching application or make sure de

Run any AppleScript when a paired bluetooth device goes in and out of range. Adjust the range using signal strength.

Explore available bluetooth devices and show details.

Select a custom video as a screensaver or the built in fireplace video. Features: -Built in fireplace video -Custom video -Password protect Coming soon: -List of videos

*** As seen on Lifehacker *** Lock and unlock your screen when an associated bluetooth device, like your phone, when it goes out and back into range. Secure your mac with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication requires the use of tw

Monitors LAN, WiFi and external IP address and can email changes. Runs in status bar and can hide icon. Logs date and time of IP address change.

As seen on Lifehacker and Addictive Tips Lock and unlock your screen with a usb storage device. Features: Screen turns black or displays selected image when locked and optional password text box appears when key pressed or mouse clicked. Use g

Lost you pointer? Use a global hotkey with or without a mouse click. Detect when you're frustrated and show you where your pointer is automatically. Make 3 large movements. Use concentric circles or any custom image. Splash in the pond effect

Smart Awake sits in your status bar to prevent your display and or computer from going to sleep. Good for watching movies, presentations and large file transfers. -Independent display and computer times -State change notifications -Tool tip display

Now can play a custom sound file when motion occurs. Takes a photo using the iSight or attached camera when motion is detected and saves them to disk in the user selected folder. Then optionally send the photo as an email attachment or upload to D

Neko would follow the mouse pointer around. When cat caught up with the pointer, it would stare at the screen for a few seconds, scratch an itch on its body, yawn, and fall asleep until the pointer was disturbed. In windowed mode, cat would stop at w

Free memory at the touch of a button or the smart way. Free memory when it gets low and or periodically when the system is idle. The application will also keep a running total of all the memory saved.

Silent Time automatically silences your system based on a daily schedule or immediately for specific amount of time. Use it to silent you system for meetings. Be more productive or to help get some sleep.

Plays a video full screen as a live background. Use the default HD fireplace video or select your own custom video.

Turn your mac into a sentry turret that plays sounds when motion is detected. Have it play the default sounds or choose your own. The app uses the iSight or default attached camera to detect motion. Choose the built in default sounds or select y

Log the traffic of people walking/running/cycling by while they are carrying a bluetooth device. Features: -Export traffic log -An audible queue when people arrive and leave

Logs and sends emails when free disk space drops below a configurable threshold. Current disk space information can be displayed as tool tip in the status bar or icon hidden Please email me feature requests at [email protected]