Applications by Carl-Wieland

Datum is a fast modern database viewer. This has all the features and speed of it's predecessor and is FREE! Quickly view your data and modifying table schema. This app is perfect for anyone who deals with SQLite. Especially those who are just looki

Datum is a full featured SQLite database manager. It is light weight and blazing fast. It has all the tools to help you be a SQLite master as soon as you launch the app. Instant loading and editing. Fast, powerful, complete. It's the most powerful SQ

Ever wonder how fast your local network is? How fast you could possibly send data from one device to another, like a local speed test? Now you can know! Fleet is a super simple, super fast local network speed test for macOS. Features: Super simple

Quickly and easily resize images to half their size. Right click and choose "Resize by Half" to resize in place. Or choose "Resize To..." and create a new image scaled down by half. No more dragging to icons or menu bars. Just right click and boom,

F-Lock is a simple yet powerful utility to quickly lock and unlock all folders and files in Finder. Easily modify either files, folders or both. This does not password protect or otherwise encrypt the file. It is a utility to bulk set the lock flag

Managing icon files can be tedious and annoying. Allow Slice to do the work for you by simply dragging and dropping an image and let it output the images for you. Quickly generates the standard size and the hi-res versions for all standard icons siz

Git integration with Finder! In an instant view the status of your repository files right inside of Finder. View Modified, New and Renamed files. View repository stats in Finders Today View.