Applications by CMKrueger

XliffEdit let you manage the translation of your multi-lingual apps in a convenient way. Prerequisite is to export XLIFF files from your project with Xcode. XliffEdit is taking this information and presents all terms that can be translated in a tran

Did-I is a time tracking tool to track activities. It is designed to spent minimum amount on tracking by simply pushing a start and stop button and a quick access list to change from one to the other activity. It includes the following features -

MANAGE YOUR FAVORITE BOOKS IN AN EASY TO USE DATABASE ‣ Enter your book-records with author, publisher etc and rate them ‣ Create your own categories for Books ‣ Query for your Books with various features ‣ Print your qu

! Holidays is now free till Christmas ! Do you … - need housekeeping of your events ? - want to find events - also by texts in notes ? - check for bridgedays in a year ? - want to create generic calendars ? - need to calculate on the unit o