Applications by CME

◆◆◆ Xkey Plus ◆◆◆ This app is dedicated to CME Xkey musical keyboard. It is an ideal companion to your mobile keyboard. FEATURES ◆ Check for new Xkey firmware ◆ Velocity curves editor ◆ In-dept

Have you ever dreamt turning your Mac into a real piano? Xkey Piano is a free app that requires a CME Xkey keyboard to get maximum user experience. Xkey is a thin and beautiful USB MIDI keyboard with 25 or 37 full-size keys, made for amateur or prof

Widi Plus is dedicated to the Bluetooth MIDI dongle Widi Bud from CME. Widi Bud is a Bluetooth low energy MIDI USB adapter, it provides Bluetooth MIDI functionality to any Mac which is not equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, or to any Mac with MacOS