Applications by CA-Smith

You now have an easy and intuitive way to enter multiple Events into your Calendar that don't have a repeatable pattern. No more frustrating Cutting and Pasting just to get those four dinner parties or eight free days to the National Parks into your

SchoolCal offers an incredibly simple interface with which to enter any and ALL dates associated with a typical school year into an iCal calendar. You can use either an existing calendar, or SchoolCal will create a new one for you! In either a sing

Filtering multiple or overloaded calendars is now simple. You can sort through all of your Family activities, work appointments and school commitments, and create a nice, neat, abbreviated schedule that doesn't induce hyperventilation by just lookin

This app only does ONE THING. It will rotate EVERY page of an entire PDF document (in any direction, including upside-down) with the click of a single button.

No more output limitations for Calendar! This indispensable utility will list all of your Calendar Events (recurring and non-recurring) from a chosen list of your calendars (Local and iCloud) within a specified date range. The Location & Weekday