Applications by Bread-and-Butter-Software-LLC

Scrawl is a simple note taking app for the Mac. It is easily accessible in the menu bar, and syncs your notes across all of your Macs with iCloud. Cool Features • Simple and lovely interface to help you focus on your notes. • Stays accesib

Have a slow Mac? Don't want to take the time to restart? More Memory can help! More Memory clears the inactive RAM on your computer, allowing you to have more open applications, and get things done faster! More Memory takes only about 5 seconds to r

iSleep is a simple timer for the Mac, allowing you to set when your Mac will restart, shutdown, and sleep.

“If you’re looking for an RSS reader for your Mac, look no further than Bread and Butter Software’s $3 Dayspring.” - Macworld Meet Dayspring, your personal RSS feed reader. - The only RSS reading client on the Mac with tabs

Do you read or write FanFiction? I certainly do, so I've made an app that gives quick and easy access to the largest fanfic archive in the world, FictionPress. You can access FanFiction Up High in the menubar, giving you quick and easy access to you

Simple and elegant apps. That is what we make. Our third and latest menubar app, Whistle, controls iTunes from your menubar, enabling you to get back to work and listen. Controls fade in and out when you roll your mouse over the album artwork, which

Dripppin is your personal menubar app to access the wonderful world of design at Dribbble.

Bug Commander is your personal command center for squashing bugs! Providing quick access to the bug reporter, system logs, computer information and much more, this is a must-have app for any developer.