Applications by Bolt-Visual

IMPORTANT UPDATE A lot of negative reviews talk about how Marvin is incomparable with Yosemite, that is FALSE. Marvin IS compatible. You just need to get the free update. Marvin puts you in control of your Mac.

EARLY ADOPTER SALE $1.99 for one week only. Maps for Pokemon Go is your secret weapon. We have researched and compiled the BEST PLACES TO HUNT worldwide! Level up quickly by knowing about the top places in your city. We show you the top 10-20 place

NEW! Start a business! Money Empire is a creative, challenging world. Who doesn't like making money? Your goal is to rise to the top and make money, lots of it! OBJECTIVE: Make a million dollars. With many jobs you can complete to make money, M

This app provides the simplest experience for making a to-do list. Access your lists from the menu bar at the top of the screen--no full-size applications or windows that take forever to open. It's simple, intuitive, and convenient. Make lists for al

Easy to learn, hard to master. The game is simple. You start at a random Wikipedia page, and your goal is to get to the destination page as fast as possible. Examples: Get from Kanye West to The Beatles Get from Banana to Vincent Van Gogh Get from