Applications by Bob-Carith

Fireebok Duplicates Finder is a powerful duplicate file finder for your Mac. This app quickly scans your folders or entire hard drive, and find out all duplicate files on your computer. By eliminating these duplicates, your previous disk space will b

Audio Book is a practical Mac OS X application that enables you to convert various types of eBooks or iBooks to audiobooks in the MP3, AIFF format. The application comes with support for over 50 robot voices, including male, female and neutral, as we

Data Recovery for BlackBerry is a useful and easy-to-use application which enables you to recover lost data or extract information from a BlackBerry backup. Main features of Data Recovery for BlackBerry: 1. Supports recovering or extracting photos,

Photo Exifer allow you to transfer iPhone photo from your iPhone and edit the exif data and location information of the photo. 1. It supports almost all of the iPhone (from iPhone 3GS ~iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus), iPad, iPod Touch device and Camera d

Cookie Viewer is a tool for opening and viewing cookie file. It not only supports the cookie file from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browser, but also support the cookie from inside app, including Mac app and iOS app. The current version s

Delete junk files, remove duplicates and unnecessary files from your Mac. Mac PowerSuite is an omnipotent optimizer for your Mac, it has three modules: Clean Up, Find Duplicate Files and Eraser. This app helps to keep your computer clean by removing