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Mandala coloring book for Adults is now available for your desktop computer! Relax and get creative with a coloring book on your computer. Let your problems fade as you relax coloring intricate mandalas to flowers to simple butterflies and animals.

EASILY DESIGN AND EXPORT BOOK COVERS Cover Express is a vital tool for the eBook author especially if you are interested in self-publishing. Cover Express will help you quickly design book covers starting with one of our 30 built-in templates that c

Get simple and easy to remember yet effective tips for weight loss and exercise. Learn: - Smart and easy ways to lose weight over the long term - Common myths about weight loss - The best ways to incorporate exercise and what kinds of exercise - Pay

Learn Spanish quickly the way nature intended by learning simple conversation. Includes written phrases in English and Spanish with spoken Spanish audio. Easily review conversational phrases from multiple categories. Record and playback your own voic

Learn how to create your own apps for iPhone and iPad using Xcode and the Swift programming language. Tutorials for Xcode and Swift has a set of step-by-step video tutorials that teach beginners how to make apps. Get started making mobile apps today!

50% OFF SALE FOR THE MONTH OF MAY! Fight through tank battles in the desert sand and see how long you survive! Fast paced and challenging battles as you face down overwhelming numbers of enemy tanks. Enemy tanks can shoot with regular guns, cannons

Get started learning Swift so that you can build mobile applications using Xcode today! Tutorials for Swift Programming is a set of video tutorials aimed at beginners who want to learn Swift. Topics covered include: > Declaring variables > Unwrappin

Get started learning how to create apps in Xcode using the Swift programming language. This set of tutorials will teach you: - How to use Playground and some basics of the Swift Language - Showing Alert Views using Swift - Sharing images - Setting u