Applications by Bluespark

*** LIMITED TIME SALE - 60% OFF *** Winmail Extractor can quickly view and save the important contents of "winmail" and "winmail.dat" files. Review by Noisy Robot - 5 Stars "This app successfully extracted a PDF from a .dat after other tools fail

FINALLY, SURF THE WEB IN FULL PRIVACY WITH INCOGNITO WEB BROWSER. Incognito removes Flash cookies, normal cookies, web history and much much more, so you do not leave a trace of where you have been in the internet. User Review from "Antony" ***** 5

Kiosk Monster - Full screen kiosk style browser that does not require the internet to run*. Great for stores, galleries, kiosks, displays, shopping malls or just at home. • Run Kiosk Monster in Full Screen Mode. • Prevent users from