Applications by Bitten-Apps

Terminal Here is a nifty little app to make you open a Terminal prompt on the folder you are in, fast and easy. Just click the app icon on your dock or on the Finder icon (if you so desire) and the Terminal window will be open, right there, cd'ed to

Image Resizer is an application that allows you to resize any image you throw at in in three easy steps! For more advanced users, you can also resize lots of images at once, effortlessly! Features: - No limit in image size; - Accepts any image fo

Image Converter is the ultimate image type converter for your computer! Convert to and from PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF among others! For more advanced users, you can also convert lots of images at once, effortlessly! A must-have tool for everyone. F

VPN Manager is the best connection manager on the App Store. This application allows you to set rules which make your computer connect to a virtual network whenever you do a specific thing like opening an app, change networks, logging in to your co

Alarm Tunes is /the easiest/ alarm app for your Mac. Open it, type in the alarm time, choose the playlist from iTunes that you want to be played and you're set! You can also make it so that the system and iTunes volume are set to max. when the alar

SSH Tunnlr is the best and easiest way to set up SSH tunnels to other computers and servers. With an SSH tunnel you are able to make certain applications, or even the whole system, connect to the internet going first through another computer, allowi

PDF Split & Merge is your one-stop app for all your PDF needs! Using this app, you are able to extract pages from PDF documents to lots of output formats, and create new PDF files from images and other PDF files, fast and easy! Features: - Extract

Note: There is currently a bug where the app fails to launch on systems running OS X 10.6. A fix will be up shortly. The app works just great on 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Ever wanted to have an interface for iTunes that could be acessibl

Clipboardie is an awesome app that is sure to bring your productivity to a whole new level. Clipboardie can keep an history of your pasteboard/clipboard icons and makes them easy for you to access them! All this in an application that is light and f

Ever wanted to copy and paste something to a document, just to find that it came with the wrong formatting? Ever wanted to paste some text but found that it came full of hyperlinks? ClipClean is here to solve that problem! - Strip your clipboard

Scrobbulous is the fastest and most lightweight application you can have to scrobble the songs you are listening to on iTunes to Just open the application, login, and forget about it. The songs you play in iTunes will magically scrobble to

Do you hate port forwarding, or are even not aware of that is? Never could get VNC, Web Server, and others working over the internet? Hated that when you changed places with your Mac you would need to reconfigure all your services again? Those probl

Image Toolset is the ultimate image toolkit for your computer! Convert to and from PNG, JPEG, ICNS, GIF, among others, while having the ability to resize the images! For more advanced users, you can also convert and resize lots of images at once, e

Ever wanted to create icons to your iOS app without going through the pain of manually resizing a big image? Ever wanted to create a new icon to your Mac app, but didn't want to go through the hassle of converting it manually? This is the app for yo

Tired of tweaking the volume of your music player when you open a certain application? Hate to always need to lower your music player volume when you start up a game? Volumer is the app for you! Volumer allows you to create rules so that the volum